Acupuncture by Tawnya Salas is Pueblo, Colorado’s source for professional acupuncture treatment and traditional Chinese medicine. Tawnya is a licensed acupucturist with a broad range of experience in treatments for a variety of conditions.

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My wife started using Tawnya for allergies and I had watched her recover and improve. I tried it (acupuncture) to help reduce the inflammation in my knee. She has also helped in the recovery of the effects from knee surgery. I have had 18 surgeries and have an artificial knee and both hips. Pre-surgery: Tawnya helped to prepare my knee for surgery. Post-surgery: Acupuncture has helped with the inflammation and scar tissue. I, too, will recommend Tawnya to friends and family.
I tried acupuncture at the suggestion of a friend for help with my allergies. I had tried all the traditional remedies and they had stopped working. Since coming to Tawnya, I have had relief that I had not felt for years. I have and will continue to recommend Tawnya to my friends and family.
I have suffered with horrible headaches for over 20 years. I've tried several medications and treatments but nothing has ever worked for any period of time. I tried acupuncture over 2 years ago and I have been so thankful that this treatment has helped my headaches. I rarely having throbbing headaches anymore. Thank God!